References and Recommendations

Former HR/Benefits Co-Worker / Current Retired Benefits Professional

When Bob joined our company, he was faced with the daunting task of improving both the sales and profit of the company, in an economic climate that was not favorable to either. Despite this, in a very short time, Bob managed to do both. Much of this was accomplished due to Bob’s amazing ability to ‘think outside the box’, and to apply unique strategies and processes in order to accomplish the impossible. To support this effort, he also brought in several talented individuals who he knew would provide the necessary experience and manpower. A tireless worker, he spent countless months on the road in order to accomplish what had to be done. I know whatever company he is working for will be not only successful, but sustain that success in the long run, which in this economy is critical. Bob is very enjoyable to work with, due in part to his pleasant and often humorous personality. Despite trying to accomplish so many difficult tasks at once, and having to answer to so many people, he always kept things level and never showed any sign of the stress that I know he must have been under. He got along well with everyone in the company, and I know everyone liked him a great deal. To anyone thinking of hiring Bob, I would say this: You are getting a work horse who will get the job done. If I had a company and needed someone to grow the business, Bob Williams is he first person I would think of. I endorse Bob whole-heartedly, and know that whatever company he joins will benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience.

Former Business Development Co-Worker / Current Business Development Manager for Fortune 500 Company

Like a few exceptional people, Bob Williams possesses a truly unique combination of qualities. From the moment that I first met him, I was impressed with these qualities. He is exceptionally intelligent and articulate. He, also, thinks deeply, and, in so doing, he approaches situations from several perspectives. He recognizes creativity and diligence and works to reward both. He is one of the hardest working professionals I have ever met. I give my highest recommendation to Bob Williams.”

Former Sales Professional Co-Worker / Current Americas Sales Leader for Fortune 100 Company

Bob exemplifies level five leadership and is the consummate executive. His ability to access and apply the right skill set at the appropriate time is exceptional. He can tap into the ability to lead, plan, budget, forecast, develop strategy or apply the dying art of mentorship at will and with a standard of excellence.”

Former VP Finance Co-Worker / Current Chief Financial Officer for Major Manufacturing Company

Bob is an extremely talented senior executive who knows how to get the best out of people and truly understands the operational and human dynamics of organizations. He is an inspirational leader who thinks and acts on a strategic level to achieve optimal results for the company while never compromising his integrity. Without question, the 3-1/2 years I worked for Bob were the most rewarding in my 30-year professional career. I would highly recommend Bob to any company looking for a senior executive who can take their organization to the next level.”

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