Do You Know Your Customer?

Bob Williams, Eternality LLC October 2022 Over the course of my career, I have learned that most sales, marketing & business development professionals attempt to present their firm’s value proposition without actually knowing their customer or knowing if their customer has a need for their proposition. Sometime the professional does not care who their customerContinue reading “Do You Know Your Customer?”

Two Doors Down – Jack Turner, Guest Blogger

My best friend, Jesus, lives in a three-bedroom, ranch-style home, two doors down from where I live.  For years, I’ve treasured his love and attention and selfless devotion to my personal situation and what he refers to as “getting closer to Papa.”   We’ve shared many joyous times together, everything from a round of golf toContinue reading “Two Doors Down – Jack Turner, Guest Blogger”

Supporting Our Best People Through Their Mistakes

One of the many quotes I appreciate is from an unknown source, “More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying that they made them.”  In this blog I am freely admitting a mistake and sharing a bit of what I learned from it. As a young manager in a continuousContinue reading “Supporting Our Best People Through Their Mistakes”

Just Because Someone Disagrees With You, That Doesn’t Mean They Are Wrong

We have all had good and bad bosses; effective and ineffective bosses; bosses who inspire and bosses who drive you to despair. In my career, I have found that there are valuable lessons to be learned from both good and bad bosses. From many of my good bosses, I have learned lessons on how toContinue reading “Just Because Someone Disagrees With You, That Doesn’t Mean They Are Wrong”