Eternality LLC

The decisions we made in the past affect our current lives. The decisions we make each day may affect our eternal destiny. Learning from our past, with an eye to the future, enables us to make good decisions today. This is a learned discipline.

Applying expertise, experience and energy to:

  • Implementing operational excellence in Non-Profit, Small Business or Large Business ventures;
  • Developing successful Outreach, Sales, Marketing, Channel & Operational strategies;
  • Start-ups;
  • Operations Turnarounds & Profitability resurrection;
  • Profitable growth acceleration;
  • Talent Identification & Leadership Development
  • Grow-and-Exit strategies; and
  • More...



Through Collaboration

Profitability EBIT Growth: >50% increase

Increase in number of new clients: >200%

Growth in average length of service (SaaS) contract from 1 year to 3 years

Growth in sales from launch of new global product: $40M

New customer acquisition annual revenue: $30M

Revenue growth in four years: Greater than 130%

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